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Accacea is an assexual, agender, western sergal born from western descendants in a poor region of Gold Ring. Her main color is purple and her fur is long and wavy, making some curls on the longest parts like mane and tail tip. Her eyes are gray and she prefer neutral-colored clothes. Even though she don't identify herself as neither male or female, she prefer female pronouns.

Accacea full body.png

Early life

She had a pretty average life as a child sergal, playing with kids of all species, being raised partially by the public system, partially by her mother and grandmother, all descendants from Western refugees. Her grandmother loved to talk about her people's culture, how everything was different from the South, how the Sergals and Nevreans lived happily in harmony, and Accacea loved to listen to those stories.

One day a caravan of merchants from Reono passed by her neighborhood and she heard people talk about Eltus plants, how valuable and rare they were, and since then she became fascinated with the plant-life on Tal, both talyxian's and eltus', wishing one day to travel to the Eastern mountains to learn more about the green plants.


After completing the basic studies in Gold Ring, Accacea did some small jobs here and there to gather enough money for her journey to the Lyvank Mountains. She waited until another caravan from the East came to the city and joined them on their travel back to their lands. In Reono, Accacea then specialized herself on the care and medicinal use of plants, learning how to cultivate and apply the Eltus plants. She also helped the locals with whatever she could, cooking meals or helping them with their crops. After some years, she went with another caravan back to Gold Ring.

Gold Ring

After arriving in Gold Ring, with very little money in her pockets, she established herself as a healer and herbalist among the local Nevrean community, the only neighborhood she could afford the rent. Coincidentally, it was the same neighborhood she grew up in. While living there after she returned to Gold Ring, already an adult sergal, Accacea learned more about the Nevrean culture, their habits and gender roles, mesmerizing herself with the huge differences between the eltus races that she didn't notice before while a kid. She didn't agree with all the prejudice that the Nevreans suffered in Gold Ring, seeing how the females where treated differently from the males just because of their appearance. It didn't take long for her to meet the Sabi no Wa movement and join the cause as an ally.